Steps to get started

Starting your online journey can be very complicated so here is a helpful guide to getting you started in the sea of information.

First, answer these three questions:

Step 1: Do you have a domain in mind?

The first thing that you need to decide is what domain you want people searching for to find you. Some helpful hits.

  • For a company, try the company name as long as it is not too long.
  • Something short and easy to remember.
  • Something related to your website

Once you have a domain that is not taken, make sure to register it. This can be done through us when signing up for hosting services

Step 2: Do you have a website?

A website is not necessarily required if all you are wanting from your domain is email, but if you plan on putting up a website then make sure you know what kind of website you have or are getting created before choosing your hosting. The size of your website will help determine what kind of web hosting package you require as well as what features from the hosting provider you need for your website to function properly. If you have any questions about your website being compatible please contact us at anytime. If you need a website designed please check out our partners.

Step 3: Do you know your market?

A website is only as good as the people who come to see what you have to say. The more people who visit your website will increase the amount of bandwidth you use, which may also determine the type of web hosting package that you require.

After answering these questions you should have a good idea which web hosting package is right for you.

1) Order your new SuperUser Solutions web hosting. Once your information is verified you will receive and email and/or a letter in the mail with your account information and how to proceed. Please print and/or save this for your records for you will need the information included to proceed.
2) In the account information you will receive the IP address information of where to upload your website and related files via FTP. If you are unaware of how to use an ftp program please contact us, and we would be happy to help you with it.
3) Once your website and related files are uploaded you must now point your at our name servers. Every domain registration company is different but this is generally done in the modify DNS settings with your registrar. If you bought your domain through us we will set this up automatically. Here are our name servers:

It generally takes 12-48 hours to propagate the internet, so please check periodically during this time to insure your domain is now pointing to the name servers listed above.
4) After they are pointed to us, or we set them up please make sure that all email addresses are setup correctly, you choose your stats, and any other feature that you want to use. For explanations of certain features please check our manual or contact us at anytime.
5) Now you can relax and control your internet with reliability and support through SuperUser Solutions.