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Dedicated Server hosting is the pinnacle of performance for your online presence. With the highest levels of security, reliability, and control, having a dedicated server offers up a new level of online interactivity. You can now take control by customizing your own dedicated server with your own applications and as many websites as you desire.

We have broken the basic packages up into “user types,” to help determine which plan is best for you, but any plan can be used for anything. So what kind of user are you?

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Server type Advanced Small Business Enterprise Advanced Enterprise
Processor Celeron 1.8 P4 2.8 P4 3.06
Memory 512 MB 1 GB 1 GB
Storage Space 80 GB 120GB 120 GB
Operating System Fedora (For other OS such as Windows please call) Fedora (For other OS such as Windows please call) Fedora (For other OS such as Windows please call)
General Account Features      
Accounts / Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Available Bandwidth 1000 GB 1500 GB 2000 GB
Redundant OC-48 Lines yes yes yes
Redundant Power Backups yes yes yes
Redundant Nightly Backups yes yes yes
24/7 Support yes yes yes
Access Features      
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SSH Secure Shell Access yes yes yes
Root Access yes yes yes
Number of IP addresses 5 7 13
Pre-Payment Options      
2 Year Price $59.95/mo. $79.95/mo. $129.95/mo.
Annual Price $64.95/mo. $84.95/mo. $134.95/mo.
Bi-annual Price $69.95/mo. $89.95/mo. $139.95/mo.
Quarterly Price $74.95/mo. $94.95/mo. $144.95/mo.
Monthly Price $79.95/mo. $99.95/mo. $149.95/mo.
Setup $100 $100 $100
Advanced Control Panel $55/mo. $55/mo. $55/mo.
More Network Transfer Discounted on Scale Discounted on Scale Discounted on Scale

Pre-Payment Options
Your overall costs can be discounted by choosing a pre-payment plan. When you place an order for service you will be given the option of a recurring payment frequency. You may choose to pay month-to-month, quarterly, bi-annual, annual, or every 2 years. The more pre-paid in advance determines the amount of discount that will be applied. Discount rates are clearly displayed above.
Advanced Control Panel
Our control panel system provides a complete range of functionality to manage all aspects of your website. Form more information please click here.
Collocation Information
For any and all questions concerning Collocation information please contact us, and we will have one of our sales representatives discuss it with you further.